Mystic Magazine features Gabriel Colella

Gabriel’s journey into the realms of healing arts and metaphysics commenced at the age of 12, driven by a profound curiosity. Since then, his unwavering focus has been on personal development, delving into inner landscapes, and unraveling the impact of deep self-awareness on our daily existence. Read more …

What Does It Mean?

While leading two workshops on Spiritual Bypassing this past week I realized that I needed a more clear way of conveying the concept of Magical Thinking (**defined below) and how to practice more discernment around it. First off, there is nothing wrong with magical thinking. As Robert Augustus Masters says, “[Magical Thinking] can be a reality-reordering playfulness of mind, a life affirming poetic license that takes its rightful place in our psyche, coloring, but not animating our perspective.” At the same time, it can lead us astray in trying to find meaning in everything. For those wondering about synchronicity, it is different than magical thinking. Synchronicity involves the meaningful connection of two casually unrelated events. We can recognize it intuitively rather than coming to an analytical conclusion that it has happened.

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What’s Wrong With Boredom?

Often people ask how they can get past boredom. The simple answer is presence. Presence is a state of Being, there is no doing needed. People tend to seek excitement or entertainment to avoid boredom. Part of uncovering what boredom has to show you is being with it and inquiring about it, getting curious.

-What is it about boredom that you do not like?
Ex: It means I am not doing anything.
-What is “wrong” or “not ok” with not doing anything?
Ex: I won’t get anywhere, or reach my goals, or be successful
-What does that mean? Or What are you afraid will happen if that were to occur?
Ex: I would be a failure

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The Power of Memory


“Love’s the only engine of survival.” – Leonard Cohen

Inevitably, there comes a time in every child’s life when they wonder about or question, how and why humans can treat each other in such awful ways. It would serve us all well to remember that moment and what that felt like, so we can connect to that part of our humanity prior to identifying with groups, religions, and political parties, a time when there wasn’t a need to be right or better than someone else. Read More

A Key To Growth

  • What can you do or how can you Be (or some combination of the two) to reconcile what is happening?
  • What is being asked of you?
  • Do you need to show up, or show up differently in your life?
  • Do you need to empower a particular aspect of your life?

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