What Is The Law of Reflections?

Mind mirrors a universe that mirrors man’s mind. Creator and created give rise to each other.
~ Joseph Chilton Pearce

Everything inside of you is reflected by everything outside of you, starting with your thoughts.  How you see (perceive) the world is how you get it back.  Every thought is a prayer sent out to the universe, so if you don’t know what you are praying for, look at what you’ve got.  In other words, your thoughts create your point of attraction; what you think about, you bring about in various forms.  We attract the things into our life that help us feel emotions that are congruent with our thoughts.  After all, emotion is a reflection of mind in the body.  It is how we see (perceive) the events around us, that shapes our experience of them.  If we have imbalanced perceptions, we will experience an emotional charge (+ or -) that is corollary.

Until we balance our perceptions, we will continue to manifest situations that help us to feel emotions that are in direct relationship with the thoughts we are having.  When we can see (perceive) our various life situations in balanced ways, then we can move through life with more gratitude and unconditional love for our lives as they are.  This allows us to return to our true nature with an open heart.

As an example, this would be akin to looking in the mirror, and not liking the reflection, one tries putting on make up.  This is only a temporary fix.  At the end of the day, when the make up comes off, the same reflection that one dislikes is still there, with the bags under the eyes, poor complexion, etc.  In order to evoke a lasting change in the reflection one would love themselves by getting more sleep, eating better food, and exercising.  Just as the reflection in the mirror, one has to commit to making some inner changes before the outer reflection is going to change.

This is how the Law of Reflections works.  When one works on their inner-self (thought/emotions/perceptions)  what is reflected back to them by the world also changes along with how they experience life and the various situations that arise.

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