A Practical Approach To Inner Peace

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Transformational Teaching

Nautilus Transformational Teaching puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you the tools to make positive changes in your life. We’ll work together to uncover the deep-rooted, unconscious patterns that are hurting you and holding you back, then we’ll systematically strip them of their power over you.

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Group Consulting

RomanescoExperience a safe place to learn about yourself in a group.  Group work can help you accelerate the process of change and growth in your life.  Because there are more “reflections” to experience, group work lets us access—and do something about—additional aspects of ourselves that we are not okay with, while developing a deeper sense of empathy and compassion for others.

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Individual Consulting

SunflowerFeeling stuck? Fast track your personal growth by discovering what’s blocking you from fulfilling your chosen purpose.  In individual sessions, we explore the aspects of yourself that you don’t see on the surface.  This process is highly effective and targeted—with each session you’ll understand yourself more fully than ever before, so you can be free to make conscious choices, instead of spinning your wheels in old, unconscious patterns.

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Couples Consulting

LadybugFeeling “stuck” in your relationship? Couples work can help.  Here, we work together to break through patterns of blaming, complaining, criticizing, and making excuses.  By identifying the root cause underlying your relationship struggles, you can overcome false expectations and resentment, while neutralizing the emotional triggers that prevent real communication from happening.

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