So, how can we apply these qualities to our lives and become what, some would call, a Spiritual Warrior? Let us look at these qualities embodied by a Warrior:
  • Disciplined, internally and externally.
  • Train/practice regularly
  • Have and attitude of persistence
  • They are autonomous and independent
  • Mental focus and fortitude
  • Takes responsibility for choices and actions
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Understands pain and the consequences of actions
  • Grows stronger through adversity
  • Stays true to Self
  • Integrity & Impeccability of their word


It appears that being a Spiritual Warrior is really about Self-Mastery.  When we begin to master ourselves, we begin to master our lives.  When we love ourselves, we are more capable of loving others.  Embracing the qualities of a warrior can allow you to be brave in your life and face it with confidence, power and integrity.  For example, by disciplining your mind, you will begin to see the effects internally with the result being less mind chatter, and externally with fewer things that trigger you emotionally.  Developing a regular practice, such as meditation, yoga, working out, affirmations, or breath work, can greatly enhance other qualities, such as an attitude of persistence, mental focus and fortitude, flexibility and adaptability.   Last, but utterly most important, is integrity and impeccability of your word.  These two qualities really define a person and reveal their character.  When we take responsibility for our thoughts, deeds and actions, we become more able to achieve freedom in our lives despite external circumstances, because we become free make choices that are in alignment with who we really are. How are you going to harvest and embrace the qualities of a warrior this Fall?]]>