What Do You Struggle With?

Struggle As Dr. John DeMartini said, “The lowest state of human awareness is the victim mentality, where there exists disassociated perceptions and blame. The highest state of human awareness is where you realize there is no separation between cause and effect, where your perceptions are the true causes and your reactions are the true effects of your life, where you are the cause of your own effect.”   When we react and identify with the emotion our struggle is producing, we can feel stuck, or like there is no way out of our present condition. Next time you find yourself suffering or in struggle, ask a few questions, so that you can begin to respond instead of getting stuck in reaction.   What am I really upset about? Many times, what is truly upsetting us can be veiled by our perception of the situation and our emotions. A recent client of mine was upset that his brother had “taken his seat” out of turn more than one evening in a row, three, actually. What he thought he was upset about was something getting taken away from him. When I inquired further and asked what that meant to him, or how he felt because of that, was “left out”. So often, we perceive an event and think what we are upset about is what is directly happening, but there is usually a story such as “left out” that is getting fed by your upset at the current situation. Struggle-1 Each event that triggers an emotion is an opportunity for us to love, or bring peace to an aspect of ourselves that we are not ok with, an aspect of ourselves that is asking to be loved and integrated. When we integrate these wounded parts of ourselves, we feel lighter and more whole. This is the cornerstone of the work that I do with people, helping them to bring more peace and freedom to their lives and many relationships.   Comment below and share with me what you struggle with this time of year and into the New Year. I would love to hear from you, as I am developing new programs for the New Year and into the spring, and I would love to create programs around your needs and desires. What programs would you love for me to put on in the New Year? What is it that you most want to transform or know more about in the coming year? Take a moment and send me a message so I may better serve you in the coming months. Thank You! I wish you all the best of holidays and an even better New Year!]]>