Are You Bored?

Boredom Can you allow yourself to just be bored?   When you do find yourself facing boredom, do you run to distraction?   Do you find yourself agitated or antsy when boredom sets in?   Answering these questions honestly can help you to find that creative spark or insight that our boredom so often leads to. There are so many ways that we distract ourselves from boredom: -MusicBoredom 1 -Smart Phones -Television -Seeking company …and myriad other ways of busy making   The real question is why do we distract ourselves and from what?   We distract ourselves because we have forgotten how to just BE with ourselves. When we can be present with our own boredom that is when we begin to hear all of the mental noise and internal dialogues that we run from. If we can hold out through the discomfort while those things run their course, what begins to open up is space. That space allows us to tune in to those repetitive thought patterns that keep us feeling stuck in our lives and relationships. Within that space we can see ourselves from a greater vantage point, discovering what we can change and how we can begin to create the life we want.   The next time you find yourself feeling bored, just be with it. Allow it to show you what really needs attention when the internal chatter and noise begins to subside. Allow yourself space to receive creative insight and inspiring ideas or to just see more clearly what your next step is going to be. One of the keys to success is to just do the next thing. When we continue to succumb to distraction, it can become difficult to know what that next step is. Just for today, allow yourself to be bored, at least once.]]>