The Power of Space

May 20, 2013 | Gabriel Colella

Recently inspired by this post from Nassim Haramein, I got to thinking about the implications of creating mental and emotional space within our selves. Here is the original post from his group called The Resonance Project, and I will expound upon this concept below.

“The one thing that connects all things is SPACE.
Perhaps the greatest error in the standard model of physics is the fact that they ignore the fact that the vacuum of space is not empty – it’s actually completely full with energy! When we look at the vacuum at the smallest scales possible we see that it is highly energized with what are called “vacuum fluctuations”, also known as the aether, the plenum, the zero point field, the quantum foam, space and the vacuum. Regardless of what you call it, the fact is we have measured the emptiness of space as not empty at all, yet in the standard model they simply sweep this number under the rug using a mathematical trick called “renormalization” and then proceed about their business writing their field equations as if it was not significant despite the fact that the measured value of the energy present in a cubic centimeter of space is 39 orders of magnitude denser than all of the regular matter of the entire universe squashed into a cubic centimeter! No wonder they are unable to find this mysterious “dark matter”. They can’t find it like a fish can’t find water because we are bathing in and made of an infinitely dense super-fluid medium we call space that happens to appear to us as “nothing” because it’s in a perfect state of balanced equilibrium due to the perfect scalar geometry of the space itself! Scalar cube octahedrons that Buckminster Fuller called the vector equilibrium are created by an infinite tetrahedral array.” ~ Nassim Haramein


Creating Mental and Emotional Space
I found this information to be very exciting because of its implications relative to consciousness. When we break through limiting patterns and stories, we create space in our inner Being with our awareness. By bringing balance to our thoughts, emotions and perceptions of events and situations in our lives, we are able to come to a place of gratitude and unconditional love for those things and our lives as they are. The energy of this space is infused with unconditional love and gratitude because these two things are inherent qualities that are found within states of equilibrium and balance. This is the reason why when we balance our perceptions we are literally expanding the capacity of the world to contain more love and gratitude on a massive scale. In other words, by becoming more unified within ourselves we are enabling the world to come closer and closer to the reality of unity consciousness. When we come closer to balanced equilibrium we become closer to Source Itself and we have greater access to the information and energy that is part of the field we are all connected to and swimming in. This is how we can make the Great Mystery more tangible.

The space and time in your innermost dominant thought determines your outermost tangible reality… -Dr. John DeMartini

By doing this work we are also literally creating space in our minds. When we break through a life-long pattern or story, we rewire our neurophysiology. The neurons that were once all connected to this pattern of thought and emotion become loosed and ready for new input and new patterns of thought and Being. It is akin to upgrading our operating system. We can begin to function, act and perceive on new levels. This has a ripple affect on the existing reality that is before us. You literally change your point of attraction and hence, the forms that appear in your life and how you perceive them. If this space is 39 orders of magnitude denser than all of the regular matter of the entire universe squashed into a cubic centimeter, then opening up our capacity to hold just a little bit more of that can have far reaching effects that are beyond much of what we are able to comprehend at this time. The message that I take away from this is that by doing our inner work, we are revolutionizing the face of the world in greater ways than we can imagine and opening doors to ever-greater possibilities and potentialities for humanity.

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