My Philosophy

“Now where do we begin to understand ourselves? Here am I and how am I to study myself, observe myself, see what is taking place inside myself? I can observe myself only in relationship because all life is relationship.”

– J. Krishnamurti

We are all living in a story and it is reflected all around us. These stories are events in our lives that we emotionally react to and that we feel we have no control over. When we learn to use the Universal Laws that are known and available to us we can raise our awareness and become conscious of the forces impacting and directing our lives. In turn, we can use this awareness to breakthrough the stories that run our lives and create a new narrative that is full of peace, gratitude and unconditional love. When we actively affect change on our inner Being, we can then observe the world around us change.
Using the Law of Reflections in my life has helped me to become more confident, self-reliant, and autonomous with its course and my experience of it. It has helped me to cultivate a deep sense of gratitude, connection and love of my life. I wish for others what I wish for myself, and that is why I teach others to use these powerful tools that are available to us for inner development and transformation. Any lasting change in our lives, or our society, must come from the inside out.
When we can balance our thoughts and emotions, we become calm and aware, creating space for us to create our lives with intention and clarity. It also facilitates our mental, emotional, and spiritual maturity, so that we may truly see and experience how we are ALL ONE!

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