Gabriel Colella, M.S.

Gabriel Colella

Gabriel Colella, M.S. Transformational Healer

A fascination with the healing arts and metaphysics led me to start meditating at the age of 12.  From that point on, my lifelong focus has been on personal development, exploring inner landscapes, and exploring the effect of deep self-awareness on our everyday lives.

I earned my BA in English with a concentration in religion, philosophy and science and an MS in Secondary English Education. I am also a Reiki Master/Teacher, Theta Healing Practitioner, and VortexHealing® Practitioner.

After grad school, I studied with a Native Turtle Clan Elder of the Tuscarora Nation for 7 years, whose teachings solidified my studies and gave me many of the tools I work with today.As a Transformational Teacher of more than 20 years, I am committed to exploring and expanding my horizons in this endless field of discovery, continuing to study, integrate, utilize, and synthesize many areas of study into my singular practice.

My in-depth understanding of our emotions and how we heal led me to create a system for sharing my insights with clients—working with a principal I have termed “The Law of Reflections.”

I live in Ithaca, NY and work as a Transformational Teacher and instructor of Literature and Writing at SUNY Cortland.  My concentrated studies in symbolism and archetypes, philosophy, human behavior and language all serve to assist me in the breakthrough work I do as a Transformational Teacher.

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