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Best Self Magazine“Why Are We So Afraid of Fear”

A Very Small Sample of My Client’s Results…

(Note: I do not know your life or your vocation yet, so I have no idea what kind of results — if any —  I can get for you.  This is a small sample of what some of my past clients have been able to achieve.)

“I worked with a life coach for 6 months to try and get to where Gabriel brought me in less than an hour!” – Dana H., Med Tech Manager

“I got further with Gabriel in one session than I did with my therapist for the last 5 years!” -Laurie A., Entrepreneur

“In the simplest sense, Gabriel’s techniques helped me view my past experiences in a new way. That small shift in perception opened up a new emotional landscape, and, in turn, has made me so much more equipped to make wise decisions. I cannot recommend his work and his techniques highly enough. They’ve proven nothing short of a revolution in consciousness for me.”

Lawrence R., Adjudicator, USDA

“Today Gabriel led me from a place of being “highjacked” by my childhood memories to being where I really am today. From a place of blaming and complaining to a place of knowing the truth… of reality.

One session with Gabriel gave me the tools to live a life with purpose, my purpose.

Not a life by default.

Together, we removed the veil that has been hiding me from my power and my gifts.

It was a profound experience. “

-Donna Panzl, LMT

“I had my complimentary session with Gabriel and it was off the charts!!!! An incident from childhood that I had worked on seemingly forever and that was shaping my current life in so many ways DISAPPEARED!!!!!! And I have room for joy and abundance now…..not to
mention love and sex!!!! Shhhhhh…don’t tell anyone! I encourage you all to have a session and discover your own breakthrough via his unique approach!”

-Kimberly Pragano, Professor

“Gabriel and The Reflections Process© has helped me understand myself and my relationships in a way that no one ever has. He challenges you to confront your fears, take responsibility in your life, find your soul and be true to who you are. I’ve never felt so empowered and an incredible amount of clarity from the insight he offered during our various sessions. It is while participating in these sessions that I was able to bring light to certain situations and see my life in a more balanced perspective. I highly recommend Reflections Process© if you’re ready to make a shift in your life. These sessions will empower you to breakthrough events you perceive as obstacles, offer insight and play a vital role in strengthening your relationships with others.” – Kaylie Tejeda, RN


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