Gabriel Colella Law of ReflectionsI have been engaged in various forms of the healing arts and metaphysics for over 20 years. My fascination with these aspects of life at an early age led me to begin meditating at the age of 12, and from that point on, many doors have opened for me in regards to personal development, exploration of one’s inner landscape, and how many of these approaches affect our everyday lives. I still continue to explore and expand my horizons in this endless field of discovery. I hold a BA in English with a concentration in religion, philosophy and science and an MS in Secondary English Education. I am also a Reiki Master/Teacher, Theta Healing Practitioner, and VortexHealing® Practitioner.  After graduate school, I studied for 6 years with a Native Turtle Clan Elder of the Tuscarora Nation. These teachings are what really solidified my studies from the past 7 years of my life and gave me many of the tools that I work with today. Since then I continue to study, integrate, utilize, and synthesize my many areas of study into my singular practice and work with what I have termed “The Law of Reflections.” I currently reside in Ithaca, NY, and work as a Transformational Teacher. I am also currently an instructor of English and Literature at SUNY Cortland. My concentrated studies in symbolism/archetypes, philosophy, human behavior, and language assist me in the breakthrough work I do as a Transformational Teacher.

“Gabriel is an intuitive, open and non-judgmental person who is easy to talk to as he gently guides you through intense soul searching sessions. He has provided me with a brand new lens to view, evaluate and adjust patterns and reactions that adversely affect behaviors and relationships (with myself and others). Life events, stressors and triggers are examined with extensive feedback to increase understanding and decrease emotional attachment, thus carrying less weight and importance. Gabriel has helped me to recognize events in my life more objectively and identify my role in the patterns that I would like to reverse. My work with Gabriel has given me many new questions to consider, a deeper understanding of why things occurred in the manner they have and new reactions that I would not have otherwise found.”  ~ Lisa, Teacher, Ithaca NY

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